Semi-automatic vertical cutting machine VS 1300 ST-H


This type is a semi-automatic sliding table machine that is manufactured using the proven welded steel construction.
This machine is also available in different dimensions and configurations. The following standard dimensions have been intended for the machine shown:

  • Working height of 1300 mm
  • Working length of 2500 mm
  • Right-hand side working width of 2030 mm
  • Left-hand side working width of 2050 mm
  • Lateral stop height of 1240 mm

Due to the particularly smooth guide rails, the moving elements of this otherwise torsion-resistant machine – e.g. the sliding table – can be operated smoothly. The motors have been generously dimensioned. Depending on the customer’s selection, the machine can be practically complemented with optional accessory parts – e.g. sharpening device and much more. On this machine, the adjustment of the right-hand side lateral stop is performed with a motor. The individually desired adjustment programme is pre-selectable via a 1-axis control, so that the operator, depending on the respective automatic infeed of the product to be cut, only has to move the smoothly running sliding table. Of course, the controller by FTSM GmbH has additional interesting innovative features.

Equipment features and operation


The blade protection can be motor-driven. The blade tensioning device as well as the blade sharpening device can be operated easily, as soon as the sliding table is located in the rear position and has been locked. In this situation, the replacement of the band blade can be performed quickly and safely. After opening the eight doors of the unit, only a few wing screws under the affected tracks as well as one in the area of the blade gap have to be removed, after the linearly guided tensioning support has been turned back first and as a result the band blade has been relieved. Using the corresponding protective clothing, the replacement can then be performed quickly and easily. The VS 1300 ST-H provides a further innovative feature to ensure that the new band blade can be inserted as easily and safely as possible:

By switching off the control voltage before the beginning of the blade replacement by turning a rotary switch located in the control cabinet, the motor brake is released at the same time. As a result, for the adjustment of the band blade on the drive wheel, the operator now does not have to turn it against the braking force, but instead this process is light, i.e. can be performed without requiring a large amount of force – an additional contribution of FTSM GmbH to increase both productivity as well as safety! The brake automatically re-engages after 5 minutes. Again, on request, here the blade tension can be read off in the touch panel. The operation of this machine is performed without expensive compressed air.