Company history


Before Mr Fuhr started his own business in 1999, he was employed by a renowned manufacturer of foam cutting machines for more than 10 years. There, he was tasked with the construction and assembly of such special machines of all common types of the manufacturer both at home as well as abroad. However, Mr Fuhr did not remain at this level of knowledge. On the contrary, he expanded it in a target-oriented manner by acquiring additional experiences and knowledge in the repair and implementation of foam cutting machines of the various manufacturers worldwide.

Since then, Mr Fuhr did not focus on the machines of a single manufacturer, but has become familiar with machine types of the various manufacturers.

As a result, FTSM Foam Tech Services & Machines GmbH is precisely the right partner for you for the repair, implementation or relocation of a part of your machines or your entire machine fleet.

No matter how varied the machine types of the various manufacturers are, when hiring FTSM GmbH

  • you will not in each case require manufacturer-related technicians from the various plants,
  • but instead will receive everything from a single source.

Since then, Rolf Fuhr, who initially named his company “Foam Tech Service”, has operated with this objective in mind. His children as well as his wife also work in the company.

Founding of FTSM Foam Tech Services & Machines GmbH


At the end of 2006, Mr Fuhr founded FTSM Foam Tech Services & Machines GmbH and expanded his offering for the machine fleet of the foam processing industry. This resulted in the construction and manufacture of a new vertical cutting machine that has now been patented. Moreover, an oscillating contour cutting machine was newly constructed from the ground up, which is equipped with triangular push rods, which centre automatically during cutting.

Based on his experience, in a consistent pursuit of his objective, Mr Fuhr has formed a young, talented and enthusiastic team. This team makes its experience and specialized knowledge, oriented to your objective, available to you.

Your advantage is the experience of FTSM Foam Tech Services & Machines GmbH. Contact us without obligation and get to know us.