FTSM GmbH’s product portfolio features the right foam cutting machine for various intended purposes as well as the spare and accessory parts necessary for this. Special designs tailor-made for your particular requirements are also possible on request.

VS 1300 ST-H (semi-automatic machine)

On this vertical cutting machine, the infeed occurs automatically at the press of a button, however, the cutting is performed manually by the movement of the smoothly running table.

VS 1300 (fully automatic machine)

Our vertical cutting machine VS 1300 operates automatically and is controlled via a large touch panel. This machine is also available with 2 lateral stops as well as additional extras.

Contour cutting machine

The contour cutting machine operates fully automatically and as a result enables the cutting of even the most intricate contours. We additionally offer several configuration variants, for example with a rotary table or also an electric hold-down.

Blade drive wheels

Knife impeller installed in the machine
As standard, our vertical cutting machines are equipped with blade drive wheels that were developed in-house. Of course, both the retrofitting as well as the replacement is also possible.